Pourquoi DZM ?

Le processus de traduction de DZM


Phase préliminaire

  • Clarification des informations données
  • Préparation d’un devis personnalisé
  • Contrat de traduction spécifiant le tarif, les délais et le format

Phase de traduction

  • Traduction (y compris des recherches)
  • Échanges d’informations et de questions
  • Révision (orthographe, grammaire, cohérence) – avec ou sans traducteurs tiers
  • Relecture finale et mise en forme

Phase de livraison

  • Document(s) traduit(s)
  • Éventuellement, texte source avec commentaires et suggestions (corrections typographiques, incohérences)
  • Facture

Service après-vente

  • Réponses aux questions sur la traduction
  • Résolutions de tout problème éventuel relatif à la traduction



Voici quelques commentaires de mes clients :

“Danae referred to us a French client who was looking for an English lawyer to prepare a design contract including important intellectual property provisions on the basis of an agreed memorandum of agreement. We asked her to translate the French design contract the client wanted to use as a starting point. She delivered on time and prepared a high quality translation of the contract, while highlighting inconsistencies in the original document and marking-up the MoA to show which provisions were not currently reflected in the draft agreement. We were very happy with her service and will use her again if needed.“
Stephenson Harwood LLP
John, Solicitor (Intellectual Property) Stephenson Harwood LLP
“Since 2014, Danae has translated various documents for FIDH from French into English and English into French: partnership project documents, newsletters, press releases, activity reports and resolutions. She is very keen to help FIDH although the work is pro bono and has met very tight deadlines. Her work is very professional. We hope that she will continue to volunteer in the future.“
World Wide Movement for Human Rights
Isabelle Chebat,FIDH Head of Communications World Wide Movement for Human Rights
“We first made contact with Danaë as a fellow-member of ITI’s LIFT (Legal, Insurance and Financial Translators), for her knowledge of French and the fact that she is a qualified solicitor. When we were asked to translate some legal documents from Greek into English, we thought of her background and qualifications and asked her to undertake the work. When she delivered the translations, we were really pleased with the result and, given the opportunity, we will certainly be working together again in the future.”
“Danae provided us with an extremely prompt and professional service. Her work displayed precision and a genuine understanding of the source material. I would heartily recommend her.“
Stephenson Harwood LLP
Isobel, Solicitor (Ship Finance) Stephenson Harwood LLP
“Danae did a fantastic job for us and was able to turn around a complex legal translation very quickly indeed. Very professional and great to work with. Highly recommended.”
Stephenson Harwood LLP
Joe, Solicitor (Marine and International Trade) Stephenson Harwood LLP
“Although we have only recently started working with Danae, we have found her French translations to be excellent. As a qualified lawyer, Danae has particular expertise in accurately and correctly translating complicated legal texts. We are very pleased to work with her and look forward to continuing the successful professional relationship.”

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