DZM Library

The DZM Library is a compilation of articles designed to help you make the right choices when it comes to translation. It also features reports on events and CPD seminars and CPD seminars I have attended and some links to useful resources and glossaries.

CPD records:

06.08.2016:    “Translate in Cambridge” event from ITI to improve French and English translation skills
29.06.2016:    “Why is legal language so complicated? Legislative drafters and linguists compare notes” event from the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
09.01.2015:    “Becoming a Legal Translator : A Symposium” event from the University of Rothampton
25.02.2014:    How to use grammar workshop from The Guardian
14.10.2013:    Article writing workshop from Stephenson Harwood LLP
21.10.2009:    Drafting Skills workshop from Stephenson Harwood LLP
16.10.2007:    Commercial drafting skills workshop from Stephenson Harwood LLP

08.12.2016:     EU Law: working smarter, not harder (eCPD Webinars)
06.12.2016:     ABC of EU Law (eCPD Webinars)
22.01.2016:     Corporate law for finance lawyers (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
02.12.2015:     English company law for finance lawyers (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
07.10.2015:     Breach of warranty claims (PWC)
01.04.2015:     Loan Transfers (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
19.11.2014:     Subrogation (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
03.09.2014:     Invoice discounting and receivable finance (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
05.03.2014:     Bonds and Guarantees - recent legal developments (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
02.03.2014:     Analazing French Language Contracts - Part I & II (CTTIC)
19.02.2014:     LMA allocation of tax risk (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
Jan - 2014:     Illegality and Refund Guarantees (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
Jan - 2014:     Environmental Law for Finance lawyers (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
Jan - 2014:     Tax update (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
20.11.2013:     Cross-border acquisition finance (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
11.11.2013:     Insolvency and restructuring (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
05.09.2013:     Security over shares (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
09.08.2013:     Syndications and sub-participations (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
22.07.2013:     Security over book debts and bank accounts (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
01.07.2013:     Subordination and intercreditor issues (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
05.06.2013:     Basel III seminar (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
04.03.2013:     Debt for Equity Swaps (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
Jan - 2013:     Principles of Restructuring (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
Jan - 2013:     FATCA update (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
10.07.2012:     Negative Pledges in Financing Transactions (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
Jan - 2012:     Withholding Tax (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
Jan - 2012:     Trusts for Finance lawyers (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
Jan - 2012:     Financial covenants seminar (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
Jan - 2012:     Events of Default seminar (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
26.09.2011:     An introduction to ISDA documentation (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
17.08.2011:     English company law for finance lawyers (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
03.08.2011:     Intercreditor agreements seminar (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
17.05.2011:     Insurance documents the Borrower's perspective (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
03.02.2011:     confidentiality letters and LMA seminar (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
27.01.2011:     Pre-nuptial agreements seminar (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
19.01.2011:     Seminar on Guarantees (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
03.11.2010:     Seminar on Possessory security (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
10.09.2010:     Seminar on letters of credit (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
05.05.2010:     Seminar on Account charge (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
07.04.2010:     Seminar on share charges (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
24.02.2010:     Debentures (2) seminar (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
03.02.2010:     Debentures (1) seminar (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
20.01.2010:     Offshore Finance seminar (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
06.01.2010:     Security Law seminar (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
10.12.2009:     Intellectual Property seminar (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
01.12.2009:     Seminar on Intercreditor agreements (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
24.11.2009:     Seminar on litigating or arbitrating in China (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
18.11.2009:     Seminar on ISDA Master Agreements (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
04.11.2009:     Seminar on LMAA Final clauses (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
07.10.2009:     Seminar on LMA Clause – change of parties (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
04.08.2009:     Seminar on LMA Clause – reps and warranties (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
28.07.2009:     Commercial Litigation seminar (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
17.06.2009:     Seminar on English Legal Opinions (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
03.06.2009:     Seminar on LMA Clause 18 (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
06.05.2009:     Seminar on LMA Clauses 14 to 17 (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
29.04.2009:     Seminar on Dealing with loans and intangible assets (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
25.02.2009:     Seminar on Islamic Finance (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
03.02.2009:     Seminar on LMA Clauses 2 to 6 (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
03.02.2009:     Seminar Insolvency seminar (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
07.01.2009:     Seminar on LMA Definitions (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
19.11.2008:     Seminar on Recent cases for Financial Lawyers (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
05.11.2008:     Seminar on Financial Covenants (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
15.10.2008:     Seminar on Market Disruption Clauses (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
15.10.2008:     Seminar on Market Disruption Clauses (Stephenson Harwood LLP)

22.01.2016:     Seminar on LMA intercreditor agreement for shipper (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
21.01.2016:     Seminar on Boilerplate clauses for ship finance (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
24.02.2014:     Seminar on Sale and purchase of second-hand vessels (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
11.02.2014:     Seminar on Quiet Enjoyment letters (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
06.02.2014:     Seminar on Asset-Financing - Cayman & BVI Structures (Walkers Global Legal Solutions)
17.01.2014:     Seminar on Memorandum of Agreement (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
08.10.2013:     Seminar on Time charters in general (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
01.07.2013:     Seminar on Bareboat chart finance structures in general (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
21.05.2013:     Seminar on Bareboat Charters (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
01.05.2013:     Seminar on Vessel Valuation (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
15.04.2013:     Seminar on Shipbuilding Contracts: A Lender's Perspective (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
21.03.2013:     Seminar on The Omega Story Part II (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
10.07.2012:     Seminar on The Omega Story: Restructuring & Chapter 11 (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
17.05.2013:     Seminar on Refund guarantees (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
20.09.2011:     Seminar on Security over insurances (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
01.02.2011:     Seminar on Ships and Shipping (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
10.01.2010:     Seminar on Offshore Financing (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
15.04.2009:     Seminar on Repudiation of Shipbuilding Contracts (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
20.05.2009:     Seminar on Super Yacht financing (Stephenson Harwood LLP)

Nov - 2013:    Webinar on Evaluation financière de l'entreprise (Coursera)
23.01.2014:    Webinar on A Numbers-Based Guide to Where French to English Financial Translations Go Wrong (The Northern California Translators Association)