Some of my recent projects include:

  • Terms and Conditions (Website, internal)
  • Tenders
  • Commercial contracts, residential leases
  • Correspondence during legal proceedings (counsels, experts)
  • Extracts of law books
  • Correspondence with banks (in respect of inheritancematters)
  • Claim forms/complaints and defences lodged at various commercial tribunals
  • Commercial court orders, commercial guarantee
  • Demands for payment
  • Licenses
  • Constitutional documents of companies (Kbis extracts)
  • Claim forms to commercial court
  • Commercial business data
  • Short business contracts
  • Witness statements and exhibits
  • Court decisions
  • Certificates of goodstanding
  • Plan from Cypriot Ministry of Transport and Works to accommodate ships in need of assistance
  • Decision from Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission relating to a fine imposed on a Cyprus Investment firm
  • Police records relating to lost property following a fire

Samples of my work

You can click on the different categories below to see samples of my work.

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