La Bibliothèque DZM est une compilation d’articles en anglais pour vous aider à faire les bons choix de traduction. Elle contient également des comptes rendus sur des manifestations et des séminaires auxquels j’ai participé et des liens vers des ressources et des glossaires.

Développement Professionnel:

06.08.2016:    “Translate in Cambridge” event from ITI to improve French and English translation skills
29.06.2016:    “Why is legal language so complicated? Legislative drafters and linguists compare notes” event from the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
09.01.2015:    “Becoming a Legal Translator : A Symposium” event from the University of Rothampton
25.02.2014:    How to use grammar workshop from The Guardian
14.10.2013:    Article writing workshop from Stephenson Harwood LLP
21.10.2009:    Drafting Skills workshop from Stephenson Harwood LLP
16.10.2007:    Commercial drafting skills workshop from Stephenson Harwood LLP

08.12.2016:     EU Law: working smarter, not harder (eCPD Webinars)
06.12.2016:     ABC of EU Law (eCPD Webinars)
22.01.2016:     Corporate law for finance lawyers (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
02.12.2015:     English company law for finance lawyers (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
07.10.2015:     Breach of warranty claims (PWC)
01.04.2015:     Loan Transfers (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
19.11.2014:     Subrogation (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
03.09.2014:     Invoice discounting and receivable finance (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
05.03.2014:     Bonds and Guarantees - recent legal developments (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
02.03.2014:     Analazing French Language Contracts - Part I & II (CTTIC)
19.02.2014:     LMA allocation of tax risk (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
Jan - 2014:     Illegality and Refund Guarantees (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
Jan - 2014:     Environmental Law for Finance lawyers (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
Jan - 2014:     Tax update (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
20.11.2013:     Cross-border acquisition finance (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
11.11.2013:     Insolvency and restructuring (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
05.09.2013:     Security over shares (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
09.08.2013:     Syndications and sub-participations (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
22.07.2013:     Security over book debts and bank accounts (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
01.07.2013:     Subordination and intercreditor issues (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
05.06.2013:     Basel III seminar (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
04.03.2013:     Debt for Equity Swaps (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
Jan - 2013:     Principles of Restructuring (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
Jan - 2013:     FATCA update (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
10.07.2012:     Negative Pledges in Financing Transactions (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
Jan - 2012:     Withholding Tax (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
Jan - 2012:     Trusts for Finance lawyers (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
Jan - 2012:     Financial covenants seminar (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
Jan - 2012:     Events of Default seminar (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
26.09.2011:     An introduction to ISDA documentation (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
17.08.2011:     English company law for finance lawyers (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
03.08.2011:     Intercreditor agreements seminar (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
17.05.2011:     Insurance documents the Borrower's perspective (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
03.02.2011:     confidentiality letters and LMA seminar (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
27.01.2011:     Pre-nuptial agreements seminar (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
19.01.2011:     Seminar on Guarantees (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
03.11.2010:     Seminar on Possessory security (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
10.09.2010:     Seminar on letters of credit (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
05.05.2010:     Seminar on Account charge (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
07.04.2010:     Seminar on share charges (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
24.02.2010:     Debentures (2) seminar (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
03.02.2010:     Debentures (1) seminar (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
20.01.2010:     Offshore Finance seminar (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
06.01.2010:     Security Law seminar (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
10.12.2009:     Intellectual Property seminar (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
01.12.2009:     Seminar on Intercreditor agreements (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
24.11.2009:     Seminar on litigating or arbitrating in China (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
18.11.2009:     Seminar on ISDA Master Agreements (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
04.11.2009:     Seminar on LMAA Final clauses (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
07.10.2009:     Seminar on LMA Clause – change of parties (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
04.08.2009:     Seminar on LMA Clause – reps and warranties (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
28.07.2009:     Commercial Litigation seminar (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
17.06.2009:     Seminar on English Legal Opinions (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
03.06.2009:     Seminar on LMA Clause 18 (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
06.05.2009:     Seminar on LMA Clauses 14 to 17 (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
29.04.2009:     Seminar on Dealing with loans and intangible assets (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
25.02.2009:     Seminar on Islamic Finance (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
03.02.2009:     Seminar on LMA Clauses 2 to 6 (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
03.02.2009:     Seminar Insolvency seminar (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
07.01.2009:     Seminar on LMA Definitions (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
19.11.2008:     Seminar on Recent cases for Financial Lawyers (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
05.11.2008:     Seminar on Financial Covenants (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
15.10.2008:     Seminar on Market Disruption Clauses (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
15.10.2008:     Seminar on Market Disruption Clauses (Stephenson Harwood LLP)

22.01.2016:     Seminar on LMA intercreditor agreement for shipper (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
21.01.2016:     Seminar on Boilerplate clauses for ship finance (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
24.02.2014:     Seminar on Sale and purchase of second-hand vessels (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
11.02.2014:     Seminar on Quiet Enjoyment letters (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
06.02.2014:     Seminar on Asset-Financing - Cayman & BVI Structures (Walkers Global Legal Solutions)
17.01.2014:     Seminar on Memorandum of Agreement (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
08.10.2013:     Seminar on Time charters in general (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
01.07.2013:     Seminar on Bareboat chart finance structures in general (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
21.05.2013:     Seminar on Bareboat Charters (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
01.05.2013:     Seminar on Vessel Valuation (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
15.04.2013:     Seminar on Shipbuilding Contracts: A Lender's Perspective (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
21.03.2013:     Seminar on The Omega Story Part II (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
10.07.2012:     Seminar on The Omega Story: Restructuring & Chapter 11 (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
17.05.2013:     Seminar on Refund guarantees (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
20.09.2011:     Seminar on Security over insurances (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
01.02.2011:     Seminar on Ships and Shipping (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
10.01.2010:     Seminar on Offshore Financing (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
15.04.2009:     Seminar on Repudiation of Shipbuilding Contracts (Stephenson Harwood LLP)
20.05.2009:     Seminar on Super Yacht financing (Stephenson Harwood LLP)

Nov - 2013:    Webinar on Evaluation financière de l'entreprise (Coursera)
23.01.2014:    Webinar on A Numbers-Based Guide to Where French to English Financial Translations Go Wrong (The Northern California Translators Association)