Are you wishing to expand your business in a country where your audience speaks French or English?

You have spent a lot of time and money on researching and targeting the market. Now you need a deal but are faced with a language barrier, as well as having to deal with a different business culture. According to a recent survey, 75% of consumers prefer to buy products or services when these are sold in their native language. So you need your terms and conditions, contracts or tender documents translated into your potential client’s native language.

Are you working on a legal case involving documentation written in Greek, French or English?

You may need to produce translated evidence as part of your court bundles or refer to foreign court proceedings as part of your case. You are not only faced with a different language but also with different legal systems and concepts. Winning a case often depends on how the courts interpret specific terms in a contract or statement. It is therefore vital that the translation is not only accurate but also conveys the original intention of the parties.

Are you involved in the shipping industry and dealing with a counterpart speaking Greek, French or English?

Shipping is an international and highly specialised field. It involves multiple forms of communication and documents, depending on the types of ships, charter arrangements and financing in place. Even though English and English law dominate the shipping world, documents always need to be translated to ensure effective communication, informed contracts and sometimes successful court proceedings.


To get a first-class legal, business or shipping translation, you need a translator:



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